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Cycling in the hinterland of Rimini

During the summer they are organized bicycle tours and mountain biking in the surrounding area.

For fans and trained there is the possibility of challenging hikes in the hinterland of Rimini slopes of ridges fairytale, suspended between sea and countryside.

The hinterland and Montefeltro reserve many lovely walks in the countryside and historic towns to suit every type of cyclist.

Road or mountain biking, plain or hill, you just decide and leave for your ride along the coast or to the Montefeltro.

“The Carpegna me Enough!”: In the footsteps of the legendary Marco Pantani

There’s something for every taste, for those who want to try their hand at an “epic” enterprise proximity with Mount Carpegna with the climb from the village to the memorial stone, it lets say like Pantani said: “Carpegna is enough for me.”

On the other side for those who enjoy cycling on the Rimini beach offers a bike path along the coast.

For its customers the Hotel Luca offers complimentary bicycles.

A relaxing ride along the Marecchia River

It is the path most beloved by bikers on the Adriatic coast and develops from the coast inland along the river banks Marecchia.

No significant difference in height but not asphalted raises slightly the rate of difficulty of this path, while always remaining an ‘easy path’.

Particularly interesting is the unique morphology of some sections of the river, which – due to erosion – has taken the conformation of real gorges carved in the clay.

Moreover, close to the river is easy to see various species of waders such as herons and storks.

La ciclabile del Marecchia