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Discovering the secrets of the sea …

If our beaches are not enough to satisfy your desire of sea, you found the right place!

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at Hotel Luca, and subscribe to one of our boat trips.

You can have fun in a fun excursion on the sea waves.

Do not hesitate, I’ll be definitely satisfied

Day or night, a unique experience …

The trips can be scheduled in daytime, ie during the hours of the morning and afternoon to enjoy the sun and the colors of the mare.Oppure you can schedule tours at sea even at night in an atmosphere far more fascinating.

The trips are organized through a collaboration with the Italian Naval League and of course the service will be available only in if good weather conditions.

You can have fun with a lot of people…

In addition, for us a ‘boat trip’ does not necessarily mean an exit on a sailboat. In fact in front of the beach you can embark on the motor-boat “Bella Rimini” which for more than 40 years making tourist trips off of Rimini.

Among the most popular routes are: a visit to the largest breeding of mussels on the Riviera, a visit to the platforms methane gas extraction to 25 km from the coast as well as other routes in the open sea.

Also in April, May, September, October, November and December, the ship Bella Rimini offers a fishing service sports with the barrel.

La motonave Bella Rimini
Un tipico moscone Riminese

If you are hopeless romantics …

Finally, in order not to miss anything, a ride on a pedalo pedalos or as dictated by tradition Rimini will give you some of those emotions that have made the Riviera famous.

Whether you prefer cycling or rowing, the result is always the same: you will discover the magic of being rocked by waves a few dozen meters from pleasantly floating cliffs.