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Family and hospitality hotel

The Hotel Luca is characterized by large convivial environments, bright and with a relaxed atmosphere, where it will be nice to spend time sipping a drink or weaving relationships with the staff and with the rest of the clientele.

At the Hotel Luca Raffaelli family it is always ready to welcome you and guide you in the wonders that Romagna offers.

With our thirty years of experience we advise you to make you live unique experiences and guide you to the most fascinating places in the Riviera and in the hinterland.


Fun for everyone

Rimini and its surroundings offer attractions and landscapes too diverse to come to an agreement everyone who loves the sea, some nightlife, those who prefer the fun of the parks or who is fond of cycling.

Young people, couples and families will spend the holiday devoted to the activities and favorite pastime, because the range is wide.

ivabella also lends itself as an ideal location for guests of all ages thanks to its tourist committee that animates the square with continuous events and dances.