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Italia in Miniatura

Rimini, It was July 4, 1970, when Ivo Rambaldi opened a theme park dedicated to the most beautiful Italian monuments reproduced in miniature that left its mark on the landscape of entertainment and Italian leisure.

After 40 years “Italia in Miniatura” continues to grow and to impress with unique attractions and events.

The historical core of the park consists of more than 250 scale reproductions of monuments and architectural jewels of the beautiful country surrounded by a spectacular green, which offers over 5000 miniature trees.

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Aquapark Arenas

The world Aquapark Arenas revolves around the sea, the sun and the beach.

You can relax, but if you love sport you have the chance to do it much, furthermore all the services and comforts, such as: sauna, jacuzzi, turkish bath, gym and solarium.

The customers fun is guaranteed, the aquapark arenas have two large swimming pools, fast-food restaurant, bar, a qualified children’s entertainment, a children’s club point, relax area, where every day will be a real moment of relax and fun.

Acquario di cattolica

The Aquarium of Cattolica, with futuristic design was born in 1934 thanks to the intelligence of the architect Clemente Busiri Vici. At first it was an army camp, then summer holiday resort and finally became the theme park as we know it today.

The visitor is involved with three very characteristic paths hosted by elegantly boats lying on the beach.

Everything it is even more captivating thanks to the multimedia aids.

Visits can be also guided, like this the people can be involved, thanks to the help provided by experts who will explain in detail the characteristics of the routes where it is possible to through in.

Aquafan Riccione

Aquafan in Riccione is the largest and most famous water park in Europe.

The park offer the opportunity to feel emotions that go far beyond a simple water park, this is the reason why it is a great destination, especially in the world of young people.

The park can give the costumers a really strong emotions.
Over the years has become a popular destination for many celebrities.

Although young people is the predominant figure in the park, there are families with children, also because there are dedicated area for family and children.


Like every year, this year even more than in the past, the right word to define “Mirabilandia” is one: Cool!

Fun for everyone, every day – for children, thanks to the attractions designed and built for them, as well as for families, but also for teens who love adrenaline, without forgetting those who have and will always have the soul of a child.

San Marino Adventure

San Marino Adventures is a wonderful adventure park that offers fun and exciting attractions on the trees inside the nature. One of the largest theme parks in Italy, with its paths guarantees fun for children, teens and adults, everything is safely and immersed in a uncontaminated nature.

Cables, catwalks, suspended nets, pulleys, bridges of all types, tunnels, climbing walls and much more are just some of the attractions that make San Marino Adventures a unique and popular destination to spend a day out of the ordinary.

Safety is guaranteed by professional mountaineering equipment and the presence of experienced instructors who treat with care, courtesy and sympathy all the preparation, education and activities on the routes.

Ideal for family trips or group, San Marino Adventures offers a whole day of fun with no limits and try to test your limits, and have fun in an healthy and exciting activity.


The “Oltremare Park” in Riccione, is a perfect combination of nature and innovative architectural projects that brings together the American technology with the typical Italian creativity.

The park is an ode to our sea and to the wonderful see fauna life that is a word heritage site.

And ‘thanks to its originality that is able to attract such a large number of visitors.

In this way it promoted the conservation of the environmental heritage, of course, with a particular attention to the Adriatic sea and the coasts


“Fiabilandia” is the children’s playground.
It is in Rimini, and over the years was expanded and decorated over time so that maintains its success.

One of the goals which proposes “Fiabilandia” is to bring children to nature, through a greater awareness of the environment experienced through very attractive attractions that can give them unforgettable emotions.

It also shows the natural beauty of the area because it would be very difficult to show it to a such large number of people.

The park can be called natural oasis thanks to the presence of numerous plants which are also very well-kept